About Us

Halal Cosmetics® is owned by two individual professionals and head strong women. It has always been extremely challenging to look beautiful and yet balance deen (Islam), due to ingredients found in everyday cosmetics such as gelatin, carmine, and etc.

Even though we all have educational degrees, yet we couldn’t tell over half the ingredients and what they meant. We then realized if we are struggling then maybe almost every women, who is looking for halal (permissible) cosmetics, too maybe be facing similar challenges. That is how Halal Cosmetics® started 

There are many cosmetic products but are not “Halal” (Permissible). Now with Halal Cosmetics®, you are able get Halal Cosmetics® so you don’t have to feel guilty looking beautiful!

Halal Cosmetics® offers halal, vegan, animal cruelty free and organic cosmetic products from various brands for men and women. As you may be aware that alcohol and animal (pork) fat are commonly used ingredients of today’s major cosmetic brands and products, yet Halal Cosmetics® aim is to provide you with pure and natural products for everyday wear and/or special occasions.

Furthermore, these products provides a solution for every men and women that wants to use halal, vegan, animal cruelty free, and/or organic products as we offer for your healthy skin without compromising religion and lifestyle!