Blue Shimmer – Pure Jewels (SC231)

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Pure Jewels are highly concentrated loose pigments that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Some are pulverized to a micro-fine grade while some remain as glitters. Can be applied to the eyes, lips or any area on the body. Do not streak or cake. Easy to apply and long-lasting. Unleash the shimmer!

APPLICATION: For pulverized, powder pure jewels, apply using an eye shadow brush to the desired area(s) using a patting motion. It applies best when placed directly on to a primer. (Eye primer for eyes, or lipstick can be used as a primer for lips). For glitter-grade pure jewels, apply using electro-static precision glitter applicator. Dip the applicator into the glitter and pat onto the desired area(s). Do not rub or try to blend the glitters, instead re-dispense and continue applying until the desired outcome is achieved. These pure jewels last all day long and apply best when placed directly on to a primer.

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